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Re-Purpose Program

Coming Soon 2020!

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What is it?

Although we aim to create piece that are able to fit into any style of a home/space, we PERSONALLY understand the want to change out your decor as your style, vision, and/or seasons change. So we are happy to announce that we are launching our very own recycling program that will allow you to do just that without throwing out your current Spruc'd Design Sign, and hopefully save you some money on your redecorating. 

How does it work?

We will arrange shipping or a local drop off location for you to provide us with your current sign. Once we receive the sign we will sand off the current design (as everything is painted on) and re-create the sign with your newly requested design on it using no additional materials, besides paint!

When does it start?

Starting January 1st, we will be offering a discount rate to any customer who wishes to change out the design of their current sign for a new one.

Please note:
A. You will not be able to change the colour of your background(if framed), frame, or the size of your sign
B. All recycled signs will require photos to be sent to ensure the condition of the sign in salvageable

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us below!!